Reverse Solicitation under MiFID II as an Option to Enter The EU Market?


This issue of the MiFID II series of FIDLEG SOLUTION – News 02/2018 discusses the MiFID II rules on reverse solicitation (also called “self-initiative”, “reverse enquiry” or “passive marketing”), i.e. the much discussed – though risky – situation in which Swiss asset managers may escape from the MiFID II regulatory requirements when dealing with clients from the European Union. This issue, thus, answers the question whether revere solicitation is an option for Swiss Asset Managers to enter the EU market.

This question can upfront be answered as follows: The concept of reverse solicitation only applies in the following, narrowly defined situations. Therefore, it does not serve as a legally reliable and sustainable option to enter the EU market.

Marketing by Swiss financial services providers under MiFID II


MiFID II is here! And now? What is the impact of MiFID II on Swiss financial services providers? The MiFID II series of FIDLEG SOLUTION shall help you to navigate through the latest regulatory developments of MiFID II and manage your cross-border compliance.

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